Over ten years ago a kid at heart stepped away from the normal life of a routine job, and took a risk to start his own business. Your Computer Solutions Inc. has since been incorporated for over eight years, servicing Central Florida. The company's first business cards were stamped on rolodex cards by hand. Later the world logo was used. The president of the company was hoping to go world wide. After he grew up a bit he worked with a number of friends and we now have the current logo. It has grown to be a symbol of quality, not only of computer systems but of knowledgeable and caring staff. YCS was founded on the idea that everyone should enjoy having a computer. The president knows that excellent computer knowledge is not as important as a caring staff that listens and wants to help the client achieve their goals. A number of changes have occurred as YCS has grown and developed. They have added a number of staff members and departments of expertise. Starting with a young kid willing to ride his bike from door to door dreaming of learning to start a business, to the development of an organization that has been serving Central Florida for over 10 years, a lot of people have helped build YCS to what it is today. Below are some of the people that are still working with the company and providing computer solutions every day.

Joseph M. Boy

Joseph is the founder and president of Your Computer Solutions Inc. He got his start in computers in the sixth grade. After doing poorly in math, his teacher decided to put a kid’s computer game in front of him. He asked to learn how to create games rather than play them. Mrs. Ritz encouraged him to learn and arranged for him to have lots of time with the school computers. Joseph’s grades increased dramatically and he knew he found what he wanted to do. Going door to door after school, Joseph tried to pick up spare computer jobs and develop his skills. After a dose of reality he had to get a normal job to start earning income. Not wanting to leave his dream he continued to learn and study computers. After a number of years of working in the retail and hotel industry he decided to take a risk and start what is now YCS.

Joseph has been working in the computer industry for over 20 years. He has started a successful computer firm, which has been recognized for excellence in service for its clients. Gaining experience serving as a board member for the Kiwanis Club, he decided that the best way to help the youth of the community was to give them the skills to use the tools for tomorrow. He has done work for many non-profit organizations, which has helped guide him to his calling. Joseph believes that you are never too old to have fun and play games. Joseph helped start a non-profit organization which teaches young people the skills of computers through the use of computer games and entertainment. He hopes to see some of those young people to develop, and take YCS into the future.

Matt Thomas

Matt is a student at the University of Central Florida. He has worked with Your Computer Solutions for a number of years. Having over six years of computer experience as well as a number of years of formal training, he has developed into an excellent example of what a good technician should be. He listens and really cares to get the job done with regard to ensuring minimal down time with maximum value to the client. Matt has helped with a number of ideas that has improved the quality and speed in which YCS provides computer support. He will be graduating soon and going full time serving the Central Florida area with solutions for your computer needs.

Anthony (Slim)

Anthony has over twenty-five years of experience with the computer industry. He is careful and exact. A number of the new recent changes have been due to the efforts of Anthony. He has worked to create faster and more productive ways of configuring computer systems to run faster and more user friendly. He enjoys computer entertainment and knows how to ensure your computer is prepared for a gaming environment. He is an expert in network security, data recovery, and remote technology. Anthony also assists in teaching some of the young people from the SolgamesUSA Foundation. He has proven to be a great addition to the YCS team.

Pierre Laguerre

Pierre is one of the first young people to go through the SolgamesUSA Foundation program. He expressed an interest in computers around five years ago and is now the youngest staff member of Your Computer Solutions Inc. He studies hard to increase his computer knowledge and is focusing his attention to web development. He has taken it upon himself to teach others at Solgames, as he was once taught. He is an excellent example of what the program is about and what can be developed. Pierre’s skills in networking are amazing, and his ability to work with a variety of clients shows his growth and development. He has a great attitude and continues to strife to improve himself.